Teddy Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt contirbuted greatly to the National Park System, a contribution that can still be felt today.





Teddy Roosevelt and the

National Park System

    When Theodore Roosevelt became President, there were only five National Parks:  Yosemite, Yellowstone, Sequoia, General Grant(now part of Sequoia) and Mount Ranier.  TR added five more parks and eighteen National Monuments to that list for the enjoyment of future generations.

National Parks:

Location: Year Established:
Crater Lake National Park Oregon 1902
Wind Cave National Park South Dakota 1904
Sullys Hill, North Dakota (later a preserve) North Dakota 1904
Platt National Park (now a Nat'l Rec. Area) Oklahoma 1906
Mesa Verde National Park Colorado 1906
Grand Canyon National Park (initially a Nat'l Monument) Arizona 1908  (Park in 1919)

National Monuments:


Year Established:

Devil's Tower Wyoming 1906
El Morro New Mexico 1906
Montezuma Castle Arizona 1906
Petrified Forest Arizona 1906 (now a National Park)
Chaco Canyon New Mexico 1907
Lassen Peak (Lassen Volcanic) California 1907
Cinder Cone California 1907
Gila Cliff Dwellings New Mexico 1907
Tonto Arizona 1907
Muir Woods California 1908
Pinnacles California 1908
Jewel Cave South Dakota 1908
Natural Bridges Utah 1908
Tumacacori Arizona 1908
Wheeler Colorado 1908, abolished in 1950 and given to Forest Service
Mount Olympus Washington 1909


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