Teddy Roosevelt
There are many books about Teddy Roosevelt, including books containing information about his presidency, the Rough Riders, Sagamore Hill, the Panama Canal, and more.






Teddy Roosevelt Books





Theodore Rex Edmund Morris Modern Library Paperbacks (2002)

The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt Edmund Morris Modern Library Paperbacks (2001)

Theodore Roosevelt:  A Strenuous Life Kathleen Dalton Knopf (2002)

The Roosevelt Family of Sagamore Hill Hermann Hagedorn MacMillen Publishing Company (1954)


Edith Kermit Roosevelt:  Portrait of a First Lady Sylvia Morris Modern Library Paperbacks (2001)

Roosevelts:  An American Saga Peter Collier and David Horowitz Simon & Schuster (1995)

Please note that these are books about Roosevelt, not written by him.  TR himself was a prolific author and published some 28 works himself.  Listed below are simply a sampling of some of the most recent and most-acclaimed writings on Roosevelt.


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