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The movies and films about the life of Teddy Roosevelt, including movies about the Rough Riders, Sagamore Hill, and more.





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The Rough Riders:    USA, 1997.  The movie stars Tom Berenger (Platoon, Major League) as Col. Teddy Roosevelt and chronicles the beginnings of the Spanish-American War, the formation of the Rough Riders from an eclectic bunch of Ivy-League graduates and frontier cowboys, and culminates in their charges up Kettle and San Juan Hill. 

        Cast:    Teddy Roosevelt                Tom Berenger

                    Bucky O'Neal                      Sam Elliott

                    William McKinley               Brian Keith

                    William R. Hearst               George Hamilton

                    Craig Wadsworth                Chris Noth

                    John Hay                             R. Lee Ermey

                    "Fighting Joe" Wheeler     Gary Busey

                    Col. Leonard Wood             Dale Dye

Theodore Roosevelt:  An American Lion.   History Channel, 2003.  This documentary is contained on two DVDs and chronicles Roosevelt's life.  It is a worth buy and usually sells for around $30.  It is narrated by Richard Dreyfuss of Jaws/Close Encounters fame, and includes some commentary by Bill Clinton.  Several prominent Roosevelt biographers are quoted.


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