Teddy Roosevelt
Teddy Roosevelt Visit the significant places in Teddy Roosevelts life Medora TR Island Sagamore Hill.





Visit the significant places in Teddy's Life!


Birthplace (New York City)   

                   Teddy Roosevelt was born and grew up in a fine brownstone home in Manhattan.

Sagamore Hill Home (Long Island)

                    Roosevelt's sanctuary in Oyster Bay (Long Island) New York.

Mount Rushmore (South Dakota)

                    Visit Teddy, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Thomas Jefferson in the beautiful 

                    Black Hill of South Dakota.

Teddy Roosevelt National Park (Medora, North Dakota)

                    Where Teddy retreated after the loss of his first wife and mother the same day.

Teddy Roosevelt Island (Washington D.C.)

                    A monument to the naturalist and environmentalist in the heart of U.S. Government.

Santiago, Cuba (travel restricted for U.S. citizens)

                    Where Teddy led his charge of the Rough Riders up San Juan Hill (really Kettle Hill).


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